Send us your prescriptions digitally and save time!

We will process these and deliver to you if requested. Normal delivery and prescription conditions and charges will apply.

We can arrange for this pick up to happen from any location and notify you when the pick up would be ready using your chosen method of communication.

Email a copy of your prescription to

Please ensure that the original copy of the prescription is provided when collecting this medication or when delivery is being performed otherwise we cannot hand the medication over to you. Prescriptions must be written by a New Zealand doctor registered with the New Zealand Medical Council. If you require the prescription to be couriered to you then please ensure that the prescription is handed over or posted to the pharmacy first as medication cannot be sent out before the prescription arrives at the pharmacy.

You may also use this email to request any repeats you may have at the pharmacy.

Alternatively fill out the contact form below requesting your prescription or repeat and we will get them ready for you.